SustAgri 4.0
In the past Multiplier Event in Veroia, Greece, on March 22nd, an interview was conducted with the attendee Stergios Kyratzopoulos, farmer and tester of the E-Commerce Training Platform Grass.

We are very happy that you are here today at our event. We’d like to know a little about you and your involvement with agriculture. 

My relationship with agriculture is relatively recent. Although I come from a family of farmers, I chose to carry out my studies in Thessaloniki. But because the sector needs new hands, needs new experiences, and above all, needs passion, I would say I chose my return to my homeland and my personal involvement with the agricultural sector.

Could you share the overall experience you had from participating in our Multiplier Event for the SUSTAGRI project ?

My experience can only bring positive feedback. It is a project that helps young farmers. The ventures and results of the project have to do with areas that promote innovation as well as sustainability. An example is the Grass platform, which I had some questions about on my first experience. However, today’s presentation, as well as the modules that were presented, answered even my last question. 

Can you tell us something more specific which you found interesting. 

It was a very interesting event. Personally, I was really surprised by how many people loved this project and came to the event. The only negative thing about this event is that a lot of information was lost because of overcrowding. However, I think that SUSTAGRI4.0 project did make the presentations accessible to us, and that helped us, for sure.  

Any difficulties that you encountered on the interaction that you had through the E-Course?

Yes, it’s a very nice platform. Again, it definitely promotes sustainability and it definitely promotes something that didn’t exist in agriculture, it emphasises the innovation within the primary production sector. We are in a time when everything is evolving in a rapid way and no sector should be left behind by these advancements. This platform offers that and it helps the evolution of agriculture. It also attracts a new audience.