SustAgri 4.0
In Sassari, Italy, professionals from the agri-food business, mostly entrepreneurs in the oil production sector, attended the Multiplier Event to learn more about the results of SUSTAGRI4.0 such as the E-Course and the E-Commerce Training Platform. Francesca Marras, an independent olive oil producer, was one of the attendees, and was interviewed about her thoughts about the project.

What did you think about the event, and how was your participation?

Today’s event has been organised with the goal of introducing us to the SUSTAGRI4.0 project, its achieved results, and its objectives, particularly the presentation of the E-course and the Grass E-commerce platform. I am here today as an independent producer of Olive Oil and a farmer, and along with my colleagues, I am attending a several-day course at the Promocamera in Sassari.

What is the importance of a training e-course platform such as Grass, and what is your feedback on the platform?

Grass has been a great discovery, especially in this historical period. The world is increasingly speeding towards the digital age, and even we must keep up, despite our work seeming so distant from it. Thanks to Grass, we can acquire technical skills on how to create our own e-commerce, which allows us to be farmers and entrepreneurs at the same time while maintaining a close connection to the land we cultivate and respecting it at the same time.

What is the impact SUSTAGRI4.0 brings to this event and to the attendees?

Today, thanks to the Multiplier Event carried out, the attending farmers have discovered a new perspective on being farmers. Many of them indeed showed interest in the Grass platform, finding the idea of learning how to create their own E-commerce extremely interesting, realising that the role of a farmer must keep up with the times and thus meet the process of digitalisation, just like in all other trades. Moreover, the event gave us the opportunity to get to know the Erasmus+ world, which has been a great discovery.