SustAgri 4.0
In the Multiplier event in the city of Valencia, the SUSTAGRI4.0 team interviewed three faculty members of the institute on their impressions about the project, its results, and how students can take great value from the E-Course and the E-Commerce Training Platform Grass.

Sonia Gavila – Head of Studies at IES La Canal de Navarrés

“As head of studies, we consider that it is very important that our students participate in this type of initiatives because they open their minds a little to the work environment and especially in the agricultural field.”

Julia Tudela – Teacher of Forestry Management at IES La Canal de Navarrés

“It seems to me that updating skills is very important for students because many times in the cycles or in the more regulated training they focus on very specific curricula that then really, when they reach the world of work or think about starting a business or opening a business, there are many points that remain a little to be seen, and of course, giving them information about these sectors can be very good for them. for tomorrow.”

Oscar Garzó – Forestry and Natural Landscape Department Coordinator at IES La Canal de Navarrés

“It is important that students learn issues related to sustainability, digitalisation and entrepreneurship so that when they look for companies, they are prepared.”