SustAgri 4.0
Empowering young farmers and agribusiness owners with digital and marketing skills


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About Us

SUSTAGRI4.0 has ended on May 1, 2024. In the name of the project partners - F6S Innovation, University of Valencia, Quality Culture, Mine Vaganti NGO, and iAgroCert - thank you for the engagement and interest in the project and its results.

SUSTAGRI4.0 will bring digital and marketing skills to small-scale farmers and agribusiness owners towards a sustainable and community-driven future.

SUSTAGRI4.0's core aim is to promote sustainable agriculture and agribusinesses as part of the necessary transition to Agriculture 4.0 – the fourth revolutionary wave in adopting advanced and deep tech. Kicking off in May 2022, this project will run till May 2024.

It will empower local producers and sustainable agribusiness owners with digital and marketing skills to bring them closer to their local community and allow them to promote their products more effectively, which will also encourage an expansion of sustainable practices and a food culture that favours local products, as well as waste reduction.