SustAgri 4.0

Welcome to the SUSTAGRI4.0 E-Course on digital marketing for sustainable agriculture!

This comprehensive course is designed to provide practical learning resources that support the professional development of young, small-scale local producers and agriculture business owners. The main goal is to empower participants by providing them with valuable knowledge and tools to develop key skills and competences to excel in digital marketing, turning agriculture as a lifestyle to agriculture as a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

SUSTAGRI4.0 E-Course Objectives


Help local farmers and sustainable agriculture businesses learn about online marketing and branding.

To teach farmers and agribusiness owners how to use the internet to promote their products and connect with existing and new clients by focusing on digital marketing techniques for the agriculture sector, as well as the essential elements of crafting a story.


Help agriculture students, farmers and agribusinesses understand Agriculture 4.0 and digitalisation.

To share skills and knowledge that will provide an in-depth understanding of current changes in the agriculture sector for increased adoption of advanced technologies towards sustainable agriculture practices, as well as providing a framework to understand digitalisation and begin adopting necessary tools to conduct sustainable business and take better decisions.


Provide new and experienced food and agrifood entrepreneurs with background information about sustainable practices.

Understanding consumer trends and sustainable values in food production, as well as the environmental impact of agri-food production is crucial. It's essential to find better ways to manage waste, including water waste, and leverage the circular economy to enhance sustainability in businesses.


Provide VET trainers with easily accessible and relevant content to engage agriculture students and help build their confidence with digital and marketing skills.

To provide teachers/trainers with content on the pressing topics and challenges faced today, especially in the agriculture sector.

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