SustAgri 4.0

Module 4

Learn how to craft compelling narratives to promote sustainable agriculture practices through 3 engaging topics on marketing and branding.

Topic 1: Introduction to Storytelling

Lesson 1: The Origin of the Storytelling Technique
Discover how storytelling shapes our world and how it can be used to inspire and educate societies, effectively conveying sustainability efforts in the digital age and fostering consumer trust.
Duration: 12:59

Lesson 2: The Power of Storytelling
Delve into the reasons why storytelling is a powerful tool and how it impacts various aspects of our lives, as it shapes cultures, transmits knowledge and connects societies.
Duration: 11:32

Topic 2: Storytelling as Marketing

Lesson 1: The Marketing Mix
In this lesson, explore marketing and strategy. You will have a deeper insight in the marketing mix, with new skills leading to increased customer trust, loyalty and sales.
Duration: 09:17

Lesson 2: Branding and Branding Stories
Learn how branding is defining your business identity. At the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to identify your ideal customers’ needs, desires, emotions and stage of awareness.
Duration: 07:14

Topic 3: Sustainable Marketing & Storytelling

Lesson 1: Basics of Marketing & Advertising
In this lesson we’ll explore the basics of marketing and advertising to understand its types, importance, advantages, and disavantages.
Duration: 12:21

Lesson 2: Verbal & Non-verbal Communication
Get a comprehensive overview of the importance of non-verbal and verbal communication in marketing to provide practical strategies to enhance marketers’ skills and to build trust with your clients.
Duration: 08:38

Lesson 3: Technique & Success Stories
Storytelling is a powerful technique that can help farms and agribusinesses connect with their audience and build a strong brand identity. In this lesson, we will explore farm branding success stories.
Duration: 11:31