SustAgri 4.0

Module 5

Understand how e-commerce platforms work through 2 topics about the operation of websites and effective tools to gain clients.

Topic 1: E-commerce Platform: Advantages, Use & Functions

Lesson 1: What is E-commerce?
This lesson explores what e-commerce is, its main functions and features, the advantages and disadvantages of selling products online and the different types of e-commerce.
Duration: 05:00

Lesson 2: Developing an E-Commerce Website
Learn about the importance of user experience (UX) design in the development of an e-commerce platform, covering the UX research process and how to choose the right CMS platform.
Duration: 05:49

Lesson 3: Inventory Management & Checkout Process
This lesson talks about managing inventory and checkouts in agriculture e-commerce. It covers basic inventory management, types of checkouts, and different shipping and payment methods.
Duration: 06:47

Topic 2: Make an E-commerce Website That Pops Out!

Lesson 1: SEO, Copywriting & UX writing
This lesson teaches ways to enhance your e-commerce site’s growth with methods to boost visibility, engagement, and conversion rates, and how to improve your site’s SEO, writing, and UX experience.
Duration: 11:18

Lesson 2: Marketing & Advertisement
Delve into the world of digital marketing for sustainable e-commerce, covering traditional and digital channels for promoting your business and the techniques that can help you reach your audience.
Duration: 12:32

Lesson 3: Case Studies
This lesson is focused on successful e-commerce examples in the agricultural and food recovery sectors. We will examine three case studies: Cortilia, Too Good To Go and Colvin.
Duration: 12:02