SustAgri 4.0

Module 3

This module covers essential digitalisation strategies and techniques applicable to the sustainable agriculture sector, such as the DigiComp.

Topic 1: Digitalisation of the Sustainable Agri-food Industry

Lesson 1: Digitalisation of the Agri-food Sector: Overview
The aim of this lesson is to provide an overview of agriculture digitalisation in Europe and to critically assess the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.
Duration: 09:15

Lesson 2: Sustainable Agri-food & Digitalisation: How to integrate the two?
This lesson explores how technology like precision farming and smart food processing is helping the industry adapt through digitalisation and advanced technologies.
Duration: 07:05

Lesson 3: Digitalisation & Food Safety: The Short Supply Chain
Get an overview of key aspects of digital transformation of food systems that impact on food safety and their direct and indirect consequences on the short supply chain.
Duration: 05:36

Topic 2: Sustainability in the Agri-Food Industry: DigiComp

Lesson 1: Information & Data Literacy
Learn the skills and competencies identified by DigiComp necessary for using digital resources and tools in the sustainable agri-food sector, especially in managing digital information and data.
Duration: 06:42

Lesson 2: Communication & Collaboration
In this lesson, explore the key digital skills and competencies necessary for effective communication and collaboration in the context of sustainable agriculture, focused on the DigiComp framework.
Duration: 06:42

Lesson 3: Digital Content Creation
Understand the importance of creating engaging and impactful content for sustainable agriculture, as well as DigiComp tips for creating new, engaging and relevant content online.
Duration: 08:22

Topic 3: Best Practices of Sustainable Production

Lesson 1: Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Crop Production
Understand the best technologies for sustainable crop production and management. Learn how to maximise your resources and enhance productivity, all the while mitigating climate change!
Duration: 09:56

Lesson 2: Smart IoT Solutions for Food & Beverage Production
Learn about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how this benefits agriculture. Understand how applications and technologies are connected and help enable sustainable operations.
Duration: 09:41