SustAgri 4.0

Module 2

Delve into the world of entrepreneurship through 4 topics, focused on how to effectively market sustainable agriculture businesses and its techniques.

Topic 1: Understanding Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

Lesson 1: What is Entrepreneurship?
This introductory lesson explores the questions: what does it take to be entrepreneurial and how do entrepreneurial local producers respond to the changing agriculture environment?
Duration: 14:19

Lesson 2: What is Agriculture 4.0?
Learn about Agriculture 4.0 technologies and how they can help farmers and local producers become sustainable while staying competitive with industrial agriculture.
Duration: 10:05

Lesson 3: Farmers as Entrepreneurs
This lesson delves into the question of why some farmers succeed and others don’t. Is there a difference between a farmer and an entrepreneur?
Duration: 09:07

Topic 2: Entrepreneurial Responses to Change

Lesson 1: Efficiencies in Production
This lesson explores the fact that, in a world where resources are increasingly limited, it is necessary to find solutions that allow us to continue producing what we need in a sustainable way.
Duration: 07:24

Lesson 2: New Technologies & Innovation (Artificial Intelligence)
Dive into the “Digital Agricultural Revolution“ that goes hand in hand with “Industry 4.0”, a new model of agriculture based on sustainability with incorporation of technologies emerged in the 2010s.
Duration: 09:41

Lesson 3: Sustainability in Entrepreneurship
This lesson combines sustainability and sustainable development as the main pillars for sustainable entrepreneurship, a new sector pushing towards an environmentally sustainable society.
Duration: 09:01

Topic 3: Entrepreneurship Techniques

Lesson 1: Business Model Canvas
Discover the “business model canvas,” a tool to shape your business idea. Improve economic and managerial skills in agriculture and develop entrepreneurial abilities.
Duration: 11:54

Lesson 2: SWOT Analysis
In this lesson, understand how the “SWOT Analysis” tool is applied to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a business choice or a company itself, which is crucial for strategic thinking.
Duration: 06:26

Lesson 3: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Analysis (PESTEL)
Learn how the “PESTEL Analysis” tool analyses external factors in relation to business, serving as an important step in strategizing and predicting harms which may impact your business.
Duration: 06:50

Topic 4: Developing Entrepreneurial Capacity

Lesson 1: Access to Finance & Market
This lesson covers financing in agriculture, supporting small farmers and businesses, improving market access, and connecting with buyers.
Duration: 05:22

Lesson 2: Supporting Partnerships & Networking
Learn how partnerships and networking are important to develop entrepreneurial capacity in agriculture as they provide opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource pooling.
Duration: 07:26

Lesson 3: Creating an Entrepreneurship Culture
This lesson discusses the entrepreneurial culture, which includes values and behaviours that encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, foster entrepreneurship, and showcase its benefits to society.
Duration: 05:15