SustAgri 4.0

Module 1

Divided into 4 topics, this module explores various aspects of sustainability, from waste and water management, to the importance of sustainable agriculture.

TOPIC 1: Importance of Sustainability

Lesson 1: Sustainability & Sustainable DevelopmentĀ 
Understand the concept of sustainability and sustainable development, focusing on the Brutland report, the definition of Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Duration: 10:24

Lesson 2: Current World Problems
Understand the complexity of sustainability, focusing on crucial global environmental issues and the impact of the agri-food industry on the environment.
Duration: 11:00

Lesson 3: The GreenComp
Get an overview of education for sustainable development and the competences associated with sustainability, education for Sustainable Development (ESD), ESD for 2030 and the GreenComp.
Duration: 11:20

Topic 2: Sustainability of the Waste Management in the Agri-food Sector

Lesson 1: Introduction to Sustainable Waste Management
Learn about waste management, waste generation data, European policies like the circular economy, and focus on key aspects of organic waste management in the sector.
Duration: 13:40

Lesson 2: Waste Management Strategies in the European Union
This lesson focuses on EU waste strategies, covering the five-step waste hierarchy: prevention, reuse, recycling, recovery, and disposal. It also highlights good practices in the agri-food sector.
Duration: 08:09

Lesson 3: Organic Waste Management
Understand the available and emerging technologies for the sustainable management of organic wastes from the agri-food sector focusing on composting, anaerobic digestion and biorefineries.
Duration: 11:50

Topic 3: Sustainable Water Management in the Agri-food Sector

Lesson 1: The Water Cycle
Learn more about sustainable water management in agriculture, including potable and non-potable water sources, storage, transportation, and the water cycle.
Duration: 06:46

Lesson 2: Technologies for Wastewater Treatment
Learn about wastewater treatments, including various processes like physico-chemical, biological, and advanced methods used at farms, industries, and treatment facilities.
Duration: 08:31

Lesson 3: Opportunities & Challenges in Water Reuse
This lesson discusses the benefits and challenges, focusing on sustainability and circular economy principles. It also covers regulations and opportunities related to water reuse.
Duration: 07:16

Topic 4: Sustainable Agriculture Benefits for Environment and Well Being

Lesson 1: Food Consumption & Wellbeing
Understand the connection between agriculture and sustainability and how food consumption, sustainability and wellness are interconnected when it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Duration: 06:06

Lesson 2: Circular Economy Business Models in the Agri-food Industry
This lesson discusses circular economies in sustainable production, especially in the agri-food industry. It addresses challenges like organic waste and by-products, vital for food producers.
Duration: 10:58

Lesson 3: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production
Know more about the need for sustainable farming due to limited resources and increasing pollution in soil, air, and water, and issues such as soil degradation, ocean pollution, and loss of biodiversity.
Duration: 09:05