SustAgri 4.0

SUSTAGRI4.0 is a new EU-funded project under Erasmus+ that will empower farmers and agribusiness owners with digital skills in their transition to innovative technologies and sustainable practices.

The EU is offering rewards schemes and financial incentives in its push for a digital and green revolution in the agriculture sector. Digital technologies can support European farmers in providing safe, sustainable and high-quality food. They also bring opportunities to develop new business models and increase rural attractiveness for younger generations. This support is necessary given that the lack of communication skills is common in rural areas, characterised by weak technological infrastructure, high costs of technology and low levels of literacy. Local producers face an increasing lack of ICT knowledge, preventing the transition of their business to Agriculture 4.0 – the fourth revolutionary wave in adopting advanced and deep tech.

The EU-funded SUSTAGRI4.0 Project will empower small-scale farmers and agribusiness owners with digital skills in their transition to innovative technologies and sustainable practices. By developing digital and marketing key competencies with professionals in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector – part of the project’s open access e-course focused on future-oriented curricula – individuals will become true agents of change and not only increase their own awareness of sustainability in the era of advanced technologies, but promote sustainable practices with their clients and fellow business owners whilst also gaining a competitive edge against large-scale industries. 

Running from May 2022 until May 2024, SUSTAGRI4.0 is the result of a strong partnership between leading European universities and knowledge and implementation organisations and networks specialising in quality foods production, education and digital skills and marketing. These will be strengthened via peer-to-peer exchange, policy dialogues and regional and international events.  

What will be the main results?

Through the SUSTAGRI4.0 e-course, the Consortium will support the VET sector by exposing professionals to the new needs of the labour market and contribute to the expansion of technical and digital skills taken up by its learners. Following this, an e-commerce platform will be built to involve learners in a co-creation process that allows them to test and practise their acquired skills in a more market-oriented learning environment. In addition, the platform will bring local producers closer to their community and promote their products, as well as a sustainable agriculture and food culture that favours local products and reduces waste.

SUSTAGRI4.0 Kickoff Meeting in Dublin

SUSTAGRI4.0 had its Kickoff Meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of June in Dublin, Ireland. Nine representatives from the 5 consortium partners joined together for the first time to discuss the project goals, objectives and initial steps.

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