SustAgri 4.0

The SUSTAGRI4.0 Multiplier Event in Messina, Italy, took place at the technical Agricultural Istitute “P. Cuppari” engaging 5 classes of last year students in the agricultural sector.

The selected target is composed by people that are going to enter the agricultural field in the next years as entrepreneurs or experts and aimed at presenting them opportunities for skills enhancement and empowerment and encourage the adoption of sustainable criteria in their working life.

The audience was distributed in 3 different rooms equipped with monitors and connected with the event online streaming. The following topics were addressed by expert guests:

– SUSTAGRI4.0 project, results, follow-up and opportunities related to e-commerce in the agricultural sector (Laura Salvago de Gennaro, Project manager Quality Culture)
– Challenges of the sustainable agricultura and opportunities for the short supply chain (Federico Bucalo, farmer and owner of the sustainable farm “Azienda Agricola Verde Mare”
– Importance of ecological and sustainable production for the food service industry (Chef Pietro D’agostino, winner of 1 Michelin star at “La Capinera” restaurant).