SustAgri 4.0


We are gearing up for our one and only exchange in Valencia, Spain, hosted by our partner: the School of Engineering at the University of Valencia. This event will take place from the 21st to 26th of November with four exciting days of co-creation as we work together with professionals in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector to design our upcoming and open access E-Course.

The funded Exchange will cover topics ranging from how to create a business model/canvas, to the Internet of Things (IoT) and marketing and branding. We can’t wait to share our ideas with participants and learn from their experiences!


As we complete our research on the digital and marketing skills gap in the agri-sector, we need to take the next step in design, a process of co-creation and site visits with experts in the field to develop an E-Course that can meet needs across different cultures, realities and interests. Our research, coupled with best cases from other projects, has identified the core barriers to learning and upskilling for the adoption of digital and marketing skills towards sustainable agriculture practices that are also profitable.

As we face Agriculture 4.0 – advanced technologies in farming – we believe that the skills covered in this E-Course will empower the small-scale agri-sector to understand and work with new technologies as part of this necessary shift. We hope that from this Exchange, we will have designed an E-Course with the flexibility and easy access needed to appeal to young farmers, agribusiness owners and local producers from across the EU.


We will work with VET professionals (aged 25+) who are already providing training to those in the agri-sector, specialise in digital and marketing skills, specialise in entrepreneurship and/or are part of a farming association, working directly with farmers and agribusiness owners.


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Get in touch if you’re a VET professional based in Spain, Italy, Ireland or Greece!