SustAgri 4.0

Focus Groups Quality Culture

October 2022

Focus group 1 in Italy took place online (Teams) and engaged 4 professionals of the VET field operating in different sectors, namely agriculture, digitalization and natural science. The exchange of different points of view was verified as a positive aspect of the discussion, since opinions and know-hows were various and diversified, which brought to an interesting and multifaced focus group.

The focus group was used as an occasion to give Sust@gri 4.0 project visibility: past, current and future opportunities have been presented and positive feedback from participants has been collected.

The discussion was guided through the use of interactive online tools, specifically indicated for brainstorming activities and visualization of ideas – in particular, perceptions about sustainability were gathered into a shared words cloud and interactive blackboards were used for activities implying sharing of ideas and opinions.

The focus group was directed by Dr. Laura Salvago de Gennaro as facilitator and Dr. Carmelo Galeano as notetaker. It lasted 3 hours, following the provided program.