SustAgri 4.0

Focus Groups F6S

September 2022

A core aspect of the E-Course is its selling point as free and easily accessible. In fact, many people would still prefer in-person training/teaching and so this E-Course needs to be flexible to allow for face-to-face learning as well.Farmers often don’t understand what technology is available to them. We need to have modules that are focused on doing research (online), understanding what technology is out there and then being able discern which technology is most suited to their style of farming and needs. This means we also need to address decision-making, as in how to take the “right” decisions.Irish farmers are very much invested in one another and learning from each other. The best engagement is facilitating in-person discussion groups where farmers can exchange information on best practices and arrive at solutions together.There is a fear of getting too lost in social media and then not investing enough in the face-to-face interactions with clients and running their business/farms properly. At the same time, it’s undeniable that social media has given reach beyond local surroundings and financial transactions are much easier, transparent and streamlined. How do we navigate a digital world and still retain the power of in-person connection? This element must be factored into the E-Course and E-Commerce Platform.